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Hype Sniper Toolbox

Put technology to work helping you cop more high-demand sneakers and streetwear with our exclusive tools. Scrape, crawl, and monitor for links and restock alerts. Blast your way through queues, manage more browser connections, and stuff the ballot boxes with more raffle entries. Tune your proxy lists, push your way through high traffic checkout pages, and more...

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Browser Command

Open 25+ Chrome windows with different proxies in one click. Break through release queues, splash pages, and countdown clocks by overrunning them with mass connections. Learn more...

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Sneaker Scraper

Our primary scraping software has two modules: One for Shopify sites, and one for all html sites. Get restock alerts, early links, and find sitting stock after a release. Includes our Master Site List and works on 95% of all sneaker retailer sites. Learn more...

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Page Alert

Our page monitor is a GUI-software that handles hundreds of tasks, has proxy support, and sends audio, email, and SMS-text alerts with clickable links. Can monitor html text on a page such as Sold Out. Learn more...

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Link Alert App

Automatically tweets results from the output files of Page Alert, Sneaker Scraper Drop Finder module, and Sneaker Scraper Shopify Scraper. Learn more...

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Raffle Rifle

Enter sneaker raffles multiple times in rapid-fire fashion with different identities and proxies. Learn more...

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Proxy Targeting Tool

Our proxy tool will test your lists at user-specified URLs for speed and failure. Remove the failed and slow IPs, then copy the survivors to your clipboard. Learn more...

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Free Proxy Grabber

This bookmarklet is free for all Hype Sniper members and software customers. It grabs the top 20 "Free US Proxies" and saves them to a text file in one click. See video demo here.

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Aftermarket Finder Script

Research prices and locate any product on six  resale platforms in one click with this easy-use script. $18 (free for members).

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Release Organizer - Free

Never let another release site slip through the cracks on you. Organize, sort, and receive popup reminders for all your targeted drop sites. Get it free here.

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Address Jigger - Free

Quickly create multiple unique delivery address variations for use with virtual credit cards, prepaid cards, etc. Get it free here.

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Cart Jammer

This Chrome extension allows you to load the checkout process "map" of any site in advance, and then push your way through the traffic jam at drop time using smart advance and smart refresh features. Learn more...

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Master Site List

Our Master Sneaker Site List contains over 340 authorized sneaker retailer websites, all of which have verified international shipping. There are no resellers or junk sites on this list.  $17 (free for members).

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