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How to Become a Sneaker Reseller

So, you want to become a master sneaker reseller, or at least learn how to resell sneakers for fun and profit? Well, who can blame you? When a hobby becomes an income source you will have made one of the truly satisfying transitions in life. Some of our members have even quit their jobs to resell high-demand sneakers and streetwear full time. (We do not recommend going quite that crazy until you have seriously become sick with it, though.) Most of us are part-timers. Many of us remember the days when we spent a thousand dollars a month on must-have items for our closets, but are now making twice that much instead, while still keeping our wardrobes fresh and having fun trading. You do the math.

Going from being a reseller customer to a reseller yourself is a matter of:

A) Education

B) Investment

C) Organization

D) Execution

In other words, anyone with the determination, and a few bucks to invest, can do this.


You need to learn the ropes and basic tricks that will allow you to buy multiples of items which are Limited to 1 Per Customer. Those are typically the products we buy 3-6 of when we can. This is accomplished by establishing multiple billing identities, using web browser tricks, and understanding the basics of setting up a sneaker bot for a typical release. All this is taught in our first cookbook, and is timeless basic training. You also need to keep up with what is happening lately. This is accomplished by following the right blogs and Twitter accounts. But to really gain an edge, it is important to belong to an active chat group as well (like ours). That is the only way to stay current, and staying current is everything. 


We recommend investing upwards of $1,000 in technology when you first start out. Abraham Lincoln once said, "If I had a half hour to chop down a tree, I would spend twenty minutes sharpening my axe." Honest Abe must have been a sneakerhead. Many limited releases will see resale profits around $200 per pair, and using bots is the only practical hope for copping multiples. On a successful release you may cop between 3-6 pairs, so you can see how quickly one can recoup their investment. Just make sure you buy the right bots. It is also easy to make unwise investments in bad technology, or to simply buy too much of it.


The difference between the master sneaker chefs and the dumfounded newbies with L’s on their foreheads is largely a matter of preparation before a release. You have to work both hard and smart to set up for it in advance. Those who take the time to do this right are the ones you see with the most enviable flex tweets. It won’t take very many releases before you start to understand where the best return on effort lies. Chasing small consortium store drops at the expense of fine-tuning your setup for Adidas or Footsites is not generally worth it. Most of the time you are better off sleeping, so you show up at the big game sharp. Which brings us to our final point… 


You do have to get out of bed for the release. You do need to be on, and not groggy. Consume just the right amount of caffeine or green juice (if that’s your thing). You also need to perform last minute preparation, research, and news scouring. This is why you must follow good sources on Sneaker Twitter and, preferably, belong to an active chat group. You have to be organized in such a way that you can pay attention to all of this, and especially be able to discern what is happening with your software. The difference between taking an L and cooking five pairs might well be having the awareness to swap out a proxy list that is not performing, or getting the right link from your chat group after the retailer decides to get tricky with it. Thinking on your feet and reacting with a cool head will often save the day. 

Like these tips? They are very general. We’d love to help you with specifics. Please consider a Hype Sniper software purchase, or better yet join our chat group today, and put our resources into your arsenal. Good cooking!  

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