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Let Raffle Rifle enter you six, ten, or fifteen times in each raffle in rapid-fire fashion using different identities and proxies. Used correctly, this tool won't get your entries flagged, because they all will appear unique any which way they are looked at.

The features of this Chrome extension are:

• Save Multiple Identity Profiles. Name, full address, phone, email, and credit card number. Tweak your name spellings and jig your addresses to create more identities; use virtual credit cards like Privacy.com & Entropay to create more card numbers.

• Proxy Support. Raffle scripts that bombard dozens of entries from the same IP address never win because they are too easy for the site to filter out. Each Raffle Rifle entry can come from a different IP, further adding to the uniqueness of every entry.

• Rapid-fire Entry. After submitting an entry, the rotator takes you back to the entry form using the next proxy on your list and automatically fills it with the next identity profile on your list. Just handle the one or two fields that require manual toggling (shoe size, credit card expiration, etc.) and repeat. When you reach the end of your profiles, the app tells you and stops reloading the form.

• Use this Chrome extension on any OS where your have Chrome installed.

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Raffle Rifle

Non-Member's Price: $40

Hype Sniper 955

Requires Chrome browser (free)
No license keys & Easy install

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