Pull Unlimited Residential IPs from a Pool of Millions

  • They work everywhere: Adidas, Nike, Supreme, Footsites, everywhere

  • Impossible to ban because they are from home PCs & pool is too large, 100% legit and legal

  • Speeds are decent, fast enough to work anyway, most between 300ms and 800ms

  • Run thousands of Slayer tasks, etc., without having to buy any extra proxies

  • Instantly create proxies for use in any country -- UK, Italy, Japan, etc.

  • This is what the pros are doing and why they always cop the tough drops


Residential Proxies are the Future

Datacenter proxies (those created on a server) are easily identifiable. Adidas reportedly banned all datacenter proxies on the OG NMD drop and Supreme apparently banned all datacenter proxies on the FW16 Bogo drop, so they can do this any time they want. Only IPs from home internet connections can get through when this happens. You can bet it will happen on another big drop soon, and may even become a permanent condition in the near future. The good news is that residential proxies are available. Our members have been testing them and we think we have the best solution mapped out and customized. We scored a whole bunch of Cream White Yeezys with these in April!


About Our Solution

I'm not going to lie (that's not how we roll): you can find this on your own with just a little bit of hunting and research. But you are almost guaranteed to get the wrong salesperson if you do and can expect a long runaround of background checks before getting approved, and then a so-so level of customer service.

But if you let us refer you in you will get our rocking sales girl who handles the majority of the sneakerhead accounts and knows exactly what you need. She'll get you set up fast. Plus, we will also help you if needed, and everyone who is referred in by us gets our exclusive Proxy Targeting Tool plus a text file with hundreds of pre-configured IPs ready to load into your bot, free. Do this our way and your life will be a lot easier, I promise!



What is the cost?  These work a little differently than what you are used to. You get to use up to 40 gigs of bandwidth per month for $500, which is the minimum monthly package. That's a ton of freaking usage so it is quite practical to share a package and split the cost with 2 or 3 others. We form mini-groups of three in our Slack team for this to get the cost down to $167 per month for each person and have never used the bandwidth up even when gunning for restocks with them for days on end. One person must create the billing account and pay the $500 then collect the $167 from the other two in this arrangement. Three is a good mini-group size as it's easy to manage.

How do you set these up?  Each person using the service 1) Installs a light piece of software 2) Runs a Powershell or CMD command line and 3) Opens a dashboard page in Firefox. That activates them for usage on servers, PCs, or whatever. If sharing an account the others in your mini-group will do the same. A single account can be run on multiple machines, as many as you like. The proxies need to be configured on the Firefox dashboard the first time you use them which takes about fifteen seconds. Each machine you use them on must have the software running and the dashboard open.

How do you load the proxies?  Once the above process is running you can load a list of generic IPs for access in your bots, browsers, and other tools which support proxies. They look like this:

...but each one accesses the gigantic pool of residential IP's available with each connection request, randomly. You'll get a different actual IP address with every connection. Once connected each connection stays in place so you have time to check out the items you cart. We have tested these in all bots and in a variety of different tools and they work wonderfully in everything.

What's in it for Hype Sniper?  We are compensated for our referrals. You pay the same whether you get referred in by us or go it alone, so you might as well let us refer you in and get the right account executive there plus our proxy tester software and additional support available from us.


How do I get Started?

We need your first and last name plus an email address. Please that info and we will get you in the system. Within 12 hours or so we will send you back a specific link you will need to use to sign up for a free trial.

The free trial does not include residential proxy pool access but our sales girl will contact you directly at that point to get the ball rolling. The entire setup process usually takes 24-48 hours so don't wait until the last minute before a drop for these! Once we have verified that you used our link to sign up we will send you our proxy tester software, the pre-configured proxy-load list, and be available for additional support.

...And congratulations on permanently solving your sneaker proxy needs.



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