Unlimited Residential Proxy Use as Low as 60-cents per Week

Configure the IP-Rotation time yourself

Real residential connections through Local Proxies own private pool

Multi-thread up to 40 concurrent threads per IP


Residential proxies are the future. Datacenter proxies (those created on a server) are easily identifiable. Adidas reportedly banned all datacenter proxies on the OG NMD drop and Supreme apparently banned all datacenter proxies on the FW16 Bogo drop -- so they can do this any time they want. Only IPs from home internet connections can get through when this happens. You can bet it will happen on another big drop soon, and may even become a permanent condition in the near future. The good news is that residential proxies are available. We have been working with Local Proxies the past few months to structure their product optimally for sneaker acquisition and believe we are finally there.

Buy a "Shoe store" package here: https://amember.localproxies.com/signup?product_id_page-0[]=84-76

Scroll down to Shoe Store Weekly Proxies

  • These work everywhere: Adidas, Nike, Supreme, Footsites, everywhere

  • Impossible to ban because they are from home PCs & pool is too large, 100% legit and legal

  • Speeds are decent, fast enough to work anyway, most between 300ms and 800ms

  • Instantly create proxies for use in any country -- UK, Italy, Japan, etc., and even zero in on specific states / regions

  • IP-authorized (not username:password)

  • Buy a larger package & activate in smaller blocks as needed

> Then scroll down to configure & copy out user-input IP's


How do they work and how you use them?  You are purchasing a specified number of user-input IPs for use, but these are not the connecting IPs. Each user-input IP back-connects through a pool of of residential (home PC) connections that will be used as the connecting IP. The connecting IPs are assigned randomly from the available proxy connections in the pool that fit your configuration settings. You can also set each connection to use a New IP every request if you wish, but this is not ideal for buying sneakers as you need the connection to hold long enough to check out. You can also choose the rotation time, meaning how many seconds you want to wait before swapping to a new IP. Usually you want to hold the same IP for at least ten minutes (600 seconds), and for Adidas much longer.

After buying a package, log in to authorize your IP(s) and activate a number of proxies for use by Adding proxy ports as shown in the second image above. They will then appear in the pane below, shown in the third image, where you can configure them. After setting them the way you want, simply copy the HTTP Proxies Ports (your user-input IPs) for use in your bots, browsers, and tools.

What is the cost?  The shoe store proxies are weeklies, so each user-input IP is good for unlimited use for an entire week after activation. In addition, they allow multi-threading up to 40 concurrent threads, so you can use them in multiple tools, browsers, and devices at the same time. The price of each user-input IP varies by package, starting at around $1.87 each but as low as 60-cents each. Because you can activate them in smaller blocks, and they do not expire, it is wise to buy a larger block and activate in smaller batches as needed.

What's in it for Hype Sniper?  We are currently in bed with this company, so are compensated for our promotion. But we only decided to work with them after being given the opportunity to test the proxies and discovering they are the highest quality residential proxies we have come across, anywhere. At the current price structure, they are also the most economical. We highly recommend giving them a test run yourself.

Buy a "Shoe store" package here: https://amember.localproxies.com/signup?product_id_page-0[]=84-76

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...And congratulations on permanently solving your sneaker proxy needs. 

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