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Make Your Own Monitor Today with these Tools

✔️  Scrape the collection pages of any site for keywords
✔️  Monitor existing product pages for restocks or live stock added
✔️  Crawl all Shopify sitemaps for new keyword matches
✔️  Automatically tweet the hits & set up your own monitor service
✔️   Input lists include 340+ sites w/ intnl shipping (plus add more)

This package puts you in control of the sneakerverse. How good your monitor performs is limited only by the amount of work you are willing to put into feeding these tools URLs and/or keywords to continuously hunt for. Easily set it up so your phone chimes upon every hit.

Buy Monitor Tools Bundle now for only $125
($166 value if purchased individually)

Hype Sniper 952

Windows only. Java Runtime required (free to download).
Movable license keys allow 2 concurrent activations each.

Please note: License Keys are generated manually and delivery can take up to 12 hours.

To receive your software licenses at a different email address than your Paypal email please contact us or Tweet us @thehypesniper.

Monitor Bundle Includes:

Sneaker Scraper wide

Sneaker Scraper

Our primary scraping software has two modules: One for Shopify sites, and one for all html sites. Get restock alerts, early links, and find sitting stock after a release. Includes our Master Site List and works on 95% of all sneaker retailer sites. Learn more...

Page Alert wide

Page Alert

Our page monitor is a GUI-software that handles hundreds of tasks, has proxy support, and sends audio, email, and SMS-text alerts with clickable links. Can monitor html text on a page such as Sold OutLearn more...

Link Alert thumbnail

Link Alert App

Automatically tweets results from the output files of Page Alert, Sneaker Scraper Drop Finder module, and Sneaker Scraper Shopify Scraper. Learn more...

Master site list thumbnail

Master Site List

Our Master Sneaker Site list contains 340+ authorized sneaker retailer websites, all of which are verified to have international shipping. There are no resellers or junk sites on this list. 

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