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"Been doing this for years & this is the best cook group"

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"Copped 8 pairs, shout-out to Hype Sniper a legit group!"

"I'm brand new & just copped 2 pairs of my first Yeezys ever"

"Thanks to Hype Sniper I have the right tools for every drop"

Hype Sniper Toolbox

#Slack member count as of May 1:

24,000+ Word Cookbook

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Slack Chat

Large, active community

Live low-key links posted

Daily tips, group proxy buys

Teamwork = $uccess





Backdoor tutorials

Marketplace (buy/sell bots)

Extended drop site lists

Proxy & server providers


Private Link Alert Tweets

Links from house scraper

Runs 24/7 on a server

Restock alerts

Early links


Proxy Target Tester

User-specified URLs

Success | Failure | Speed

Details here

Drop Calendar

Master Site List

320+ Sneaker retailers

All with intl. shipping

Aggregated Feeds



Member Discounts

Sneaker Scraper

$75  $50

Browser Command

$72  $47

Page Alert

$55 $35

Proxy Tester Tool

$22  Free

Master Site List

$17  Free

Market Check Script

$18  Free

Support & Help

Bot setup, early links, key words

Banking & shipping solutions

Proxy solutions

Browser setup & tricks

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