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Membership Benefits

Join a community of over 200 active sneakerheads who help each other cop the highest-demand releases. We make sure you have the training, tools, resources, tips, latest tricks, alerts, and live help to succeed.

"Been doing this for years, this is the best cook group"
"Up $2,000+ since I joined a month ago"
"Copped 8 pairs, shout-out to Hype Sniper a legit group!"
"I'm brand new & just copped 2 pairs of my first Yeezys ever"

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24,000 Word Cookbook

Essential basic training for setting up billing identities, browser tricks, and sneaker bots optimally for copping multiples of limited items. Read sample...

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Cookbook 2

A second full-length Cookbook with all new material written in 2018, rocketing aspiring sneaker chefs up to the 25+ pair club. Read sample...

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Slack Chat Group

Our 200-member Slack group is alive with daily advice, links, jigs, trading, proxy discounts, a drop calendar, newbie help, and tips for all hyped releases and all new bots that hit the scene.

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Private Monitor Tweets

Members enjoy access to private tweets from our in-house monitor built with the components of our Monitor Tools Bundle.

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Raffle Rifle

Included with your membership (a $40 value). Enter sneaker raffles multiple times in rapid-fire fashion with different identities and proxies. Learn more...

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Proxy Targeting Tool

Included with your membership (a $22 value). Test your proxy lists at user-specified URLs for speed and failure. Remove the failed and slow IPs, then copy the survivors to your clipboard. Learn more...

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Free Proxy Grabber

Included with your membership. This bookmarklet grabs the current top 20 "Free US Proxies" and saves them to a text file in one click. See video demo here.

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Aftermarket Finder Script

Included with your membership (an $18 value). Research prices and locate any product across six resale platforms with one click. Easy to use script.

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Cart Jammer

Included with your membership (a $25 value). This extension allows you to load the checkout process "map" of any site in advance, and then push your way through the traffic jam at drop time using smart advance and smart refresh features. Learn more...

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Member Discounts

Sneaker Scraper  $75  $50
Browser Command  $72  $47
Page Alert  $55  $35
Raffle Rifle  $40  Free  
Proxy Tester Tool  $22  Free  
Cart Jammer  $25  Free
Master Site List  $17  Free  

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Support and Help

We are online every day, and have been since the spring of 2016, to help you with:
• Bot setup, links, key words
• Banking & shipping solutions
• Proxy solutions
• Browser tips & tricks

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Master Site List

Included with your membership (a $17 value). Our Master Sneaker Site List contains over 340 authorized sneaker retailer websites, all of which have verified international shipping. No resellers or junk sites on the list.

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