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Luminati Residential Proxies

Luminati is a popular residential proxy solution for serious sneaker resellers who need to run a massive number of bot tasks. We have used this service to run 2500+ simultaneous tasks spread across different bots and servers for footsite drops, and they have held up well. Their reputation for Adidas drops is not as good (although, since they recently restructured to build exclusive sneaker IPs, this has improved). Use our link to sign up for a new account and we will provide support and the free software licenses listed below.

Luminati Pros

• High quality proxies
• True residential (home PC) connections
• Untraceable as proxies and unbannable
• Reliable service with excellent support
• Largest pool of residential IPs on earth 

Luminati Cons

• $500 minimum monthly commitment
• Have crashed on Adidas releases in past
• A little more complicated to implement
• Monthly bandwidth limitations
• Not practical for running for restocks

Bottom Line:  Luminati remains an impressive sneaker proxy solution despite the fact many sneakerheads bailed out on them when they implemented a sneaker-specific protocol. This has resulted in less sneaker users, and consequently seems to have fixed the Adidas release crashes. The $500 monthly fee buys enough bandwidth for 3-5 users to share and split the cost. We do this in our Slack group; members form mini-groups so they each only have to pay say $125 and share the monthly bandwidth. It works, as long as no one forgets to turn their bots off after a drop and runs the bandwidth meter up.

To sign up for a Luminati account please use our referral link: http://bit.ly/2ojJoXE

We will then offer support, provide you with easy copy-paste proxy input files (so you don’t have to make them yourself), and also give you complimentary software keys for the following programs. Just contact us after signing up and funding the account. We will verify the account with Luminati, and then send you the software and loadable IP lists. 

Free Software Keys for Signing Up through Our Link: 

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Proxy Targeting Tool

Our in-house proxy tester is also a targeting tool that helps you optimize a proxy list for specific websites. Test your proxies for speed or failure at user-specified URLs, remove failed and slow proxies from your list and copy the rest out to your clipboard. We sell this for $22 (free for Hype Sniper members) but is also free when you fund a Luminati account after signing up through our link.

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Page Alert Page Monitor

Our page monitor is a GUI-software that can handle hundreds of tasks, includes proxy support, and sends audio, email, and SMS-text alerts with clickable links. Can monitor html text such as Sold Out. License keys are $55  (or $35 for Hype Sniper members) but free when you fund a Luminati account after signing up through our link.

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Residential Proxy Input Text File

We'll give you a premade text file with 300 Luminati-style IP's you can use to load into your bots and browser tools. This will save you some time having to create the list yourself. You will, of course, still need to create matching IPs on your Luminati dashboard (which is instant).

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