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Force your way through checkout on jammed-up consortium site drops by advancing the URL and auto-refreshing at inhuman speeds. Cart Jammer is a Chrome extension that allows the user to enter the checkout process URLs as a sort of "map," and then tries to get to the next step by rapid-firing requests. 

The three functions of this Chrome extension are:

• Smart Auto-Refresh. When activated, rapidly auto-refreshes the current page until different content on the same URL is detected. Why? To get past error messages and redirects. If redirected while auto-refreshing, will go back to the target URL and keep refreshing at light speed until different content is found than the last time it was there, and then stop. This will often "break you through" high-traffic error messages on the checkout page with only one click on your part.

• Advance Next. The app lets you preload URLs that a site uses in the checkout process. Usually you want to paste in the site's standard checkout page URL. After carting, click Advance Next and this app will call up that next URL in the process for you – and keep attempting to call it up, even if redirected to an error page, until it arrives at that URL. If there is an error message like "site busy" on that page, you can then click the Auto-refresh button to break through it.

• Advance All. If you list more than one URL for the checkout process, this functions calls up all the URLs on your checkout "map" in sequence, at light speed, making sure to actually arrive at each before moving on, unit it reaches the last URL on the list and then stops. Use this feature if a site requires you to visit your cart before advancing to the checkout page.

• Can be loaded into open Browser Command windows.

Of course, you will have all your billing info loaded into Chrome's Auto Form-fill ready for the checkout page!

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